Monday, January 12, 2009

Phoenix Update And Letter to epix - 1/11/09

From Redsox at UHD Board:

Hello Rangers hope you enjoyed Episode 7, Long Live the Mayor. Next week we get Rogue River where we meet Getz and Heather makes ice.

As we enter week 8 of the run on the CW, we need to stay focused. Writing out letters and cards and completing the Feedback forms are more important than ever.

Last week ratings were up to 1,560,000 which was a 300,000 increase from the week before. Our target is to have 2 million watching by the end of May. When football ends in 2 weeks we should see the 7:00pm to 7:30pm numbers climb up to the 7:30-8:00pm level.

I want to thank all the Rangers who are currently working on the marketing/posting project to every newspaper, tv station and community/college Board we can reach in the US.

Rangers are encouraged to spread the word via My Space and Face Book as much as possible and also sign up for Craig’s List.

Remember we need to get letters out to Bonnie Hammer at NBC, Nancy Tellem as CBS Paramount and complete the Feedback forms for CBS and the CW. Also remember to contact your local Affiliate.

We have a new target. Thanks to Ratkeeper, NorsU and K6 for their work and suggestions we are targeting Mark Greenberg at epix the new pay cable channel being launched which will look to show original programming from CBS Paramount and will compete against HBO and Showtime.

With Jericho being picked up on epix for new episodes, CBS then could show the episodes on the CW much like NBC is doing with Friday night Lights (thanks NorsU for suggestion). It makes good business sense. I have attached link of sample letter I posted to UHD Board.

Stay the Course and Keep the Faith we have 22 more episodes to go.

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

epix, a Viacom Company
Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

CW Feedback Form
CBS Feedback Form

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add a bit about epix. epix is the new cable channel that will be starting in October.

The articles have said it will be an action adventure themed cable channel with original content provided by the studios of the partners(Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate). CBS Paramount is associated with both CBS and Paramount.

epix will also have an on-line destination (similar to fancast and Hulu) and will have digital distribution (possibly via Blockbuster).

We want people to write to epix and ask them to make Jericho one of their original series.

You can read more about epix here: