Saturday, January 31, 2009

Operation Phoenix Update - 1/31/09

From Redsox at UHD:

Remember Ranger Rally on SciFi Board Monday Feb 2, 2009 at 9pm EST

Good morning Rangers, with tomorrow being the Superbowl we need to forget about the ratings on the CW as we all know 90% of the tv sets in the US will be tuned into the big game.

We need to keep doing our Feedback Forms and writing our letters. With the news about NBC’s Day One Pilot we need to look at our strategy and adapt accordingly. NBC is a corporation like CBS and Television like many industries is a copy cat one, if one network finds success with a formula it is soon copied. Remember when Jericho came out many of the critics called it a Lost rip off show. They have good and valid business reasons for making the show, first and foremost the numbers that Jericho pulled and is pulling tells them there is an audience for this type of programming.

General Patton was right they have a lot of legitimate business reasons to do what they are doing. With that said we can still send our letters to demonstrate to them that we do not agree and maybe they will keep that in mind.

As to the current fate of Jericho, although Jon Turtletaub stated there is a movie forthcoming, he was not specific on how close to production it is and as GP reminded me last night it is the same kind of information the producers gave us last summer.

In order for us to get the movie made and to have any chance of Jericho being made we need to continue to write our letters, do our feedback forms, get new people to watch on the CW and Youtube and to be counted.

CBS Paramount is a business as well, and I am sure they have their reasons for holding on to the rights to Jericho and for putting it on the CW. We do know they are looking at the numbers and that they are launching a new cable channel in October, epix.

I think it is time we focused all of our attention on Mark Greenberg at epix, Nancy Tellem at CBS Paramount and Dawn Ostroff at the CW. They own and are showing the show and they hold the key to any continuation of the story. Those who want to continue to write to NBC, Comcast, ect please feel free but I think we need to focus in on these three people.

Early next week we will be putting together another idea to collectively have our voices heard at epix and CBS Paramount.

Finally as has been posted and mentioned the Jericho Rangers 4 Our Troops are sponsoring the Welcome Home to Jericho event in LA on April 26-28, 2009. The event is going to be raising money for the families and children of deployed soldiers, sailors, marines and airman. I am hoping that as a group that we can throw our support behind this endeavor. At the core it is what the Jericho Rangers have been about in the 2 plus years that I have been around.

Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

Ms. Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

Ms. Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

CW Feedback Form
CBS Feedback Form
Find Local CW Affiliate Form


Loomer said...

General Gloom and doom.

I'll pass on that

Jon Turtletaub was very specific on what he was working on. His track record and reputation in the business is outstanding!

Also Note SCI Fi added Jericho to their Schedule!

lj said...

Thanks, Loomer.
I didn't know that SciFi was airing JERICHO again.

Anonymous said...

Just sent my comments to the 2 links provided. Wathing on the CW and will watch on SCifi, just can't get enough of this show. Look forward to a movie but most of all I want more weekly Jericho!

redsox1986 said...

Loomer, I never comment on my own posts but will in this case. This is not Doom and Gloom as you have stated.

I have spent almost a year working on helping getting you and your fellows back on the air. I am a business person and we have been making a business case argument to convince the financial decision makers to continue the story. We have been using the numbers form youtube, the CW, Netflix, Facebook among others in chart and graph form to make our case.

I will say that many are frustrated with the producers for their lack of communication from August until a statement from Carol made on Shaun's show in Decemebr.

We know all of you have to go out and work as you have families, bills and careers to think about. And many due tot ehir great work on Jericho were given responsibilities over new shows.

But at the same time people need to know that their efforts were not being wasted and that someone connected could have at least communicated in some fashion over the many months. Many people simply gave up because of this.

Since you are in the business, you know that it can take years for some projects to actually be shot and put out in the theaters.

I would never question Jon Turtletaub's integrity as I do not know him, but have been told he is an honorable person. This is good enough for me and because of that I am willing to stay and help to continue to get the word out.

It is a matter of dollars and cents in a very bad economy that a project might be hot now but 3 months later, the thinking changes and the project does not get made.

I am trying to let people know that we need to continue to write our letters and cards, complete the feedback forms, reachout and spread the news to watch the show on the cw to get the numbers up to make sure it stays on the radar screen.

Hopefully you and your fellows will be back on the Jericho set soon. I know I wish all of you great success in whatever you do.

mpbnice said...

Loomer, I can't believe you can possibly know what Redsox has done to keep the Rangers together since the producers deserted us, and refer to his comments as "gloom and doom" He's stepped up in spite of some really difficult RL issues and rallied the fans, trying to keep people from fading away. Jon Turtletaub's interview was not specific. There was no indication of where the project stands. If he, or any of the others involved in the show had kept up communication with us we would have a much more triving fandom. Don't blame Redsox. He's a good man.

Jericho Townhall said...

Why oh why are we attacking the producers and crewmembers? Have we forgotten that they are on our sides? Are we so arrogant to think we are entitled to every detail pertaining to deals and negotiations? Just who do you think is responsible for developing a thriving fandom, the producers or the fans?

The fandom is our responsibility and ours alone. If we want it to whither we make it whither. If we want to make it thrive we make it thrive. The fandom is about us, about our love for a show and about commarderie. We don't need new episodes or a movie to keep the fandom going. We don't need word from the producers to keep it going just us. The purpose of a fandom is to share our experiences, to have fun and to promote a show called Jericho. Its purpose is not to make business deals but make it possible for business deals. Don't confuse keeping the fandom going with keeping the fight going. They are two separate things. Leave the business deals to the producers and the fandom to us.

One other thing this is a neutral blog. We accept both pro and con comments here. Please word your comments in a positive manner and not as an attack on a person or group.

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

Ichtus... I agree completely here. While I don't exactly feet that RedSox wanting us to continue to perserve, is not exactly groom & doom, I also agree with Loomer in that if John Turtletaub is saying there will be a movie, then I believe it will happen. I disagree that this is the same information we had from the producers last summer. At that time, we were told there could be a movie among other things such as a graphic novel, but they did not state it was a certainty. That I believe is why Rubber Poultry double checked with Carol the day after the article hit the net. So, my feelings are that if people want to pursue letter writing, etc, fine, why not... but I don't agree that what we've heard about the movie may not happen for a long time. I don't believe Jon T would have mentioned it in the interview if it was not to happen within a reasonable people of time.

Enough said!

Wildman said...

I do not believe this is the Loomer that we all know from Jericho.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who Loomer is, but I believe the comment about gloom and doom refered to the remarks *inserted* into Redsox's post.

I don't believe it was an attack on Redsox or the fandom. I think it was a statement that Jon Turteltaub will do what he said he would.

I agree with that. Jon Turteltaub's statement was made to the press and was specific about where Jericho was going. The statements before this were not specific and were not public.

I also don't believe that Loomer's comment meant don't send letters. Anyone in Hollywood knows that continued public interest keeps a project alive.

Gwen, who thinks Loomer was supporting the effort not tearing it down

Anonymous said...

Gloom and doom since show was canceled I think not, I fight for Jericho because it's worth fighting for.

Jericho Townhall said...

I agree with Ratkeeper's assessment that Loomer's "gloom and doom" comment is not directed towards Redsox or the fandom. Also, I agree that Jon's public comment was a confirmation that a Jericho movie is in the works otherwise he would not be able to say something so definite. True he did not go into details but that is normal for this stage of the game.

GenPatton43 said...

Hey Loomer!

Question for you. Did you ever get that package from me?
You know, the one right after Jerichon. I think RP told me you got it
How did it turn out?