Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Operation Phoenix Update - 2/04/09

From Redsox at UHD:

Hello Fellow Rangers:

I wanted to update you on several items we are going to be doing over the next 12 weeks. As we know Jon Turtletaub’s statements back on January 14, 2009 stating that the Jericho movie is in the works was a boost to folks. While there was a temporary lift in spirits that has seemed to wane in recent days.
Ratings the past 2 weeks Ratings were at 870,000 last week and 700,000 this past Sunday during the Superbowl. What we do not know is what the executive and numbers people’s expectations was/were for ratings for Jericho. We also do not have access yet to the 7 Day DVR adjusted numbers which I believe holds the key to how the ratings are being viewed by the executives.
As I see it we have 12 weeks to make a business case argument to continue the Jericho story. To that end we need to continue ways to deliver the numbers to the executives at CBS Paramount and NBC and we need to get more people watching on the CW.
Why we Fight, episode 22 airs on Sunday, April 26, the last day of the Welcome Home to Jericho event in LA. We then will have May sweeps with Season 2 episodes coming down the final stretch.
I believe that they are very much watching the ratings and the other numbers, ie youtube, joos, Netflix, Facebook etc. Epix is due to launch in October and as Norsu and Ratkeeper have found they will be launching with several original programs. We want to build a numbers case to convince them that Jericho should be on epix especially if they want to compete directly against HBO and Showtime right out of the gate.
I know we are tired, weary and warn out after 11 months of fundraising, tv commercial, billboard and trade magazine campaigns. But if we continue to write and spread the word about Jericho we can deliver the numbers to the bean counters at CBS Paramount in a collective and loud voice.
To that end I have worked with a group of Rangers at attacking this problem from different angles. They are all designed to keep Jericho very much alive in the thoughts and daily business of the Network Executives.
We will be working 7 main threads across the fandom from UHD to Sci Fi to IDMB. I will start to put most of my campaign updates in the porch on UHD and SciFi and Jebs will still send the info to the other groups and Boards.

  1. Welcome Home to Jericho: This event is being put on by the Rangers associated with Jericho Rangers Four Our Troops. This is the group of Rangers who handled the 2 DVD donation drives in 2007 and 2008. It is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles the weekend of April 24-26, 2009. The event is to help raise money to give directly to deployed soldiers families. It is sure to be a great event and there are many people tied to the show that are tentatively scheduled to appear.
  2. Fan ARG: NorsU is leading the way with assistance from K6- they are building the game and continue to grow it and will provide daily updates at the various Boards including UHD, and SciFi. The goal is the get people interested in Jericho and get them to watch the show on the CW on Sunday Nights.
  3. Operation Welcome Home Sign: idea is to have Rangers use their digital cameras/camera phones to take a picture of the White Welcome to X Town sign Pop 20,000 which every city and Town in the US and Canada has. We will then email the pictures to Nancy Tellem at CBS and Bonnie Hammer at NBC to let them know where the Jericho Rangers live. Object: to give CBS and NBC a sense in a unique way where the fans come from and to capture and record this information so Myvibes can put it into another type of geographic measurement graph. The thread is for people to leave simple note, I live in Ny, NY sent emails with picture to Bonnie and Nancy on 2/3/09. The coordinator will go through the thread and collect the information.,
  4. Original epix, CW postcards: K6 has agreed to make up post cards for epix, the CW and NBC Universal-we can download them from photobucket or windows live and send them out each Monday. Another unique way to make our case. I know we are all tired of writing same letters and cards each week. Imagine the poor people in the mail room at CBS or NBC having to read the same letters each week. Let’s give them something new and refreshing to look at.
  5. Voting Thread: it is already on UHD Board and we will be posting it to all the Boards and I have asked Tothol to head this up object: Is to keep Jericho at the top of as many polls as possible.
  6. IMDB- we need to get to IMDB and drive the numbers up. It is where the people in the business look for interest in shows, movies and actors. Goal is to get the numbers way up to give the execs at CBS Paramount another set of numbers to look at.
  7. Stats and Ratings: Casey Dog and Myvibes are going to working on continuing the stats tthat we are using to send to the executives and also Casey Dog will be looking at ratings of other cable shows as well as cw programming to see how we can best measure and position Jericho against those other shows and ratings.
  8. FaceBook and MySpace: numbers of Jericho Fan groups-I have asked Bestdamshow-to take the lead as she has already done so on UHD. FaceBook and MySpace are the 2 largest social networking sites on the internet and the people at CBS Interactive know this.
  9. Intelligence gathering: I have asked Rat Keeper and Nightshade to help me out. Goal is to find as much information as possible on epix, the CW, Bonnie Hammer, Nancy Tellem, and try and find any unique factors that we can use in marketing to the people involved.
  10. Ranger Rallies: SciFi, CW, UHD, IDMB and other Boards-I have asked DCM to spearhead this. Sci Fi has 2 Jericho marathons coming up, one on February 23 and another on March 9 both will be showing 8 episodes consecutively. In addition, we will try to get around to the boards and blogs that have not had people on them in a while to let them know we are still here.
  11. Keep writing those letters:
    Ms. Nancy Tellem
    4024 Radford Avenue
    Studio City, CA 91604

    Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
    1515 Broadway
    New York, New York 10036

    Ms. Dawn Ostroff
    The CW Television Network
    4000 Warner Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91522

    Ms. Bonnie HammerPresident
    USA and Sci Fi Networks
    NBC Universal Inc.
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, New York 10112
  12. Feedback Forms: After watching each episode we need to send CBS and CW Feedback like never before.

    CW Feedback Form
    CBS Feedback Form Local CW Affiliate Form