Monday, February 9, 2009

Latest Operation Phoenix,epix and Thank You to Rangers

From Redsox at UHD:

February 10, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers,

I thought I would take this time to reflect on where we are and where we have been.

On November 19th (81 days ago) Jericho was dead in the water. There were episodes playing on UHD, but CBS had pulled the plug on the Community Board (our home for over 2 years) without warning, the UHD commercial issues continued and the tv ad was all but dead.

Then on November 20th, CBS made that great announcement that everyone was waiting for, Jericho would live again on the CW. The CW is a small network more like a super-cable channel with a number of local affiliates. The UHD add issues somehow got worked out and then before we knew it Jericho was on UHD and the CW at the same time and RP’s tv ad was running on the UHD and did so through January 11, 2009.

The show has been averaging over a million viewers until the last couple of weeks with NFL playoffs and the Superbowl thrown in. We will wait and see what the numbers are for tomorrow but we need to keep in mind that the executives are looking at the numbers.

How do we know this, Jon Turtletaub told on January 14th in the IF Magazine interview in which he mentioned the Jericho movie, which is in the planning stages. He mentioned that Jericho was getting better ratings than Mad Men (AMC show that won Emmy for Best Drama series). That tells us that the studio executives are watching the ratings as is the producers associated with the show. They also have access to the 7 Day DVR adjusted numbers that we are looking to get our hands on. Only they know what ratings numbers make sense for them to consider making more episodes of Jericho.

Things to keep in mind, CBS gets rid of the community Board but leaves the rest of the Jericho platform in place on November 13th. On November 20th they announce Jericho is going back on the CW. UHD which had been showing Jericho since the early summer and which was showing the tv ad.

This is not about one person but as a group working together, writing, emailing, faxing, sending in feedback forms. We are hear today because of people who have stay the course and stayed on the Boards to keep traffic up and to act as the eyes and ears for the millions of Jericho fans out there in the community that do not frequent the community boards.

We are alive today because we have stayed the course, spread the word of mouth at My Space and Face Book, have mailed numerous letters, cards, emailed and faxed and have done everything possible to be counted by the executives at CBS Paramount. Without our numerous campaigns including the Variety ads, the billboard and the tv commercial on Time Warner cbale and UHD and coordinated letter, feedback forma nd email campaign aimed at NBC Universal, CBS, the CW and now epix, we would not have Jericho still running on the air.

We have 11 weeks left until episode 22, Why We Fight airs on April 26th. We have a game plan in place, we need to write and email to epix, write to the CW, CBS and continue with out letters to Bonnie Hammer at NBC. I believe epix is the key here. It is a calculated guess that the best business solution for CBS Paramount is to have epix pick up the show and have original episodes made and then rebroadcast them later on the CW which is what NBC did with Friday Night Lights with Direct TV and the NBC Network.

epix Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
epix website-

This Community has a lot to be proud of, most importantly is the Charity work it has done over the past 2 years. We gave $23,000 to Tornado relief for Greensburg, Kansas to money for local food banks to DVDs for the troops.

The latest effort is a Charity event to help the families and most importantly the children of deployed military personnel, which is scheduled for April 24-26 in LA. The people leading this effort are the same ones who did so with the DVD’s for the Troops. Mike’s Mom, Scoo Bud, Xrammy, Nobody’s Baby, Kay T, Nipshot, Rangerette, N2N2 and Welcome among others are putting together an event in LA that will be the biggest and finest example of Charity work that the Jericho Fans have ever scene. I hope you support the Welcome Home to Jericho event in any way that you can.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the following Rangers who have worked hard to save the series and have posted to their respective Boards keeping traffic up and the Boards alive. On the Sci Fi Board:

DCM1987 Dean you have lead by example. We pray that your wife continues to get better and that you are back manning your Sci Fi Post for the next Ranger Rally set for Monday, February 16, 2009 at 9:00pm EST.

MREinLA, Dede, Panamarandy, Krzykitty, Merriane you all have helped with announcements, helping to post and pulling double duty at UHD and Sci Fi. Thanks for keeping one of our home bases at SciFi alive and well these past months.

UHD and Town Hall Ichtus-thanks for your hard work and for working with Ratkeeper on the JEBS network. I look forward to working with you on other projects as well.

On the UHD Board, 4 people come to mind, Beebull, NorsU, K6 and MyVibes Mom. These ranagers have written, posted, emailed, faxed, created cards, the ARG game, created graphs and measurements for us to sue. I call them the magnificent 4 for their hard work, dedication and continued hard work to get the Jericho story continued.

In addition to these 4 I have to single out the following Rangers as well:
Tothal-voting thread, Casey Dog-stats and ratings, Bestdamshow-Face Book and Canadian Ranger liaison, Artzlady-great posts and wisdom, Nursevic for her help with numbers and youtube links, Jim4jericho, Susan gator, Mud62, GeminiRM, winsorguy, Dbalcer1, Justamom, Masscass1, Law0621,Cher, and Night Shade for their posts, their time on the Board and keeping the traffic on UHD moving. At IDMB ppanseri and at the Wiki Sandbagger have both kept things moving on their respective Boards. Each one of you has and continues to make contributions to the Jericho Ranger team.

I wish I had a quick fix for you but I do not. All I can ask is that you continue to write, email and be active on Youtube and Face Book, so that we can be counted by the CBS bean counters.

Keep the Faith means just that, have faith that the executives will finally learn how to add the numbers up and see how to make money with Jericho. We need every Ranger to write, email and get epix on their Face Book in the next several weeks. We have made a difference and we are being counted. All I am asking is that we have faith in each other and email and write to epix, the CW and CBS like we never have before.

Thank you to every Ranger no mater how big or small your contribution has been. Everyone is part of this team and if we get the movie and/or a season 3 it will be because of the collective work, sweat and diligence of everyone in the Jericho Community.

Keep the Faith and Stay the Course.