Friday, February 6, 2009

Why EPIX as a Target?

EPIX was born around the same time Jericho was canceled. EPIX is an action adventure themed cable channel that will launch in October and will feature movies and original series.

EPIX has become a target (of the Save Jericho efforts) due to it’s close association with CBS Paramount . Currently, the Jericho fandom is the ONLY group writing them about their show. We believe that we can influence them to show Jericho , if we can keep those letters and e-mails going out.

EPIX is not just another cable channel. Per their Facebook page: “EPIX will create a new benchmark in user experience, making movies and entertainment accessible on multiple platforms. Expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2009, it will combine new and classic feature films and original television series from leading studios including Paramount , MGM and Lionsgate.”

Not only will EPIX have a website portal for viewing their content, but they are working on digital downloads (like itunes or Netflix Watch Instantly).

Please put EPIX on your list to write and e-mail:

Mr. Mark Greenberg
President and CEO
EPIX, a Viacom Company
1515 Broadway
New York , NY 10036