Sunday, February 8, 2009

Epix Is Gettig a Lot of Attention

From Redsox at UHD:

February 8, 2009

Good Morning Rangers, today starts the Jericho run on the CW without Football or Holiday interruption, straight through until April 26, 2009 ending with episode 22 Why We Fight which airs the Sunday the Welcome Home to Jericho charity event concludes in LA.

With that said, writing our letters to CBS Paramount, the CW, NBC Universal and epix as well as completing the feedback forms is paramount. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it does help the cause.

Our focus for the next couple of weeks is epix, it will be launching via the web in May and then the pay channel is set to start in October 2009. The X is epix according to Rat Keeper means cross platforms, television, internet, on demand, etc.. I think we all know a show that fits that model in fact is the one that established that model.

Below I have attached link to UHD Board-epix thread and a copy of a reply sent to Artzy Lady from an email that she sent to epix.

Our new goal is simple, we need to email epix like we never have before. The email address is below. We need to let them know that if they want their pay service to succeed then Jericho is the right fit for their channel. We need to let them know that the several million fans who watched the show will sign up for their pay channel if Jericho is one of their featured original scripted shows.

In addition to emails and letters, those of you on face book can join the facebook group that has been established. From Rat keeper: Our gamers on facebook - Jake Green and Hawke Jax joined the epix page on Facebook and have moved the sell Jericho billboard photos and the new postcard onto the epix page. It makes it look very official. So all Facebook people can get there and drive those numbers up, another measurement to send to the executives.

I know many if not most are tired and have their doubts about things. Since we heard form Jon Turtletaub on January 14th, we have not heard anything else from anyone connected to the show. But I have a hunch based on the information and how it has been leaked out since November that the executives are looking at Jericho’s viability. We still have 12 episodes left on the CW so enjoy those, get the word out to people and lets see where the chips fall. We have come this far down the road lets see where it ends.

epix website
epix email Artzy Lady’s response from epix on thread on UHD Board

I've received an email response already from Emil at EPIX...

Thanks for getting in touch. We appreciate hearing from folks who love movies and TV as much as we do.
You know, it's funny. I'm a Jericho fan. I did not catch it on CBS, but I've been watching it on Universal HD and it's a very cool show. One of the guys here suggested we look in to bringing back Jericho and it's on the list of things to explore.
The challenge of bringing things back is a big one. Someone spent a lot of money to make those first shows and they're not gonna give them away, or the rights to the project, for free. Also, the team that worked on the show has most certainly been scattered working on new projects so it might just be impossible to do.
But, we'll certainly give it a whirl. At the very least, we'll lean on our movie studio partners to look at the rumoured Jericho film that's in development...
Again, thanks for writing and tell the Jericho fans that we want Season 3, too.