Monday, November 23, 2009

Jericho Fan Tables

There was a Jericho Fan Table at Tuscon36 on 11/13-11/15, run by Andrew Slattery. Andrew reported:

"I was seated in the "dealers room" for a few hours as I arrived early for the "meet the fans" portion of the convention. Aside from the poor condition of the convention rooms and small allocations, about half of the participants stopped by. Several fans of the show hung around to discuss the future of the concept, and a handful of people that disliked the show debated with me over it's "sci-fi qualifications". All in all the business cards were successful, almost everyone that stopped by took one (or more to share with fans they know)."

Thank you Andrew for running the fan table!

There are two more Jericho Fan Tables before year end:

  • LosCon36, Los Angeles, CA - Nov 27-29, one day admission ($20 - $25)
  • Orycon31, Portland, OR - Nov 27-29, one day admission ($25 - $35)

If you live near these cons, then please volunteer to help with the fan table.

We will be having Jericho Fan Tables in 2010, so far these are scheduled:

  • February 26-28, ConDor, San Diego, CA
  • April 2-4, WonderCon, San Francisco, CA
  • May 14-16, LepreCon, Phoeniz, AZ
  • May 22nd, Spokane Comic Con, Spokane, WA
  • July 22-25, Comic Con International, San Diego, CA
  • Oct 1-3, Silicon, San Jose, CA

If you would like to help at one of these tables or have a Jericho Fan Table near you, then please contact:

Note: For those considering going to Comic Con International, 4 day memberships are Sold Out! One day memberships go on sale on December 15th.

The Jericho fan table has booked a 3 room hotel suite for Comic Con and we are looking for 1-2 more people to share the cost with.