Monday, November 9, 2009

Outside Jericho

Jericho Birthday List by Mud62 for November 8 -14

Alex Carter (Fire Chief ) - 11/12
Suzanne C Swindle (Script Supervisor) - 11/14

Kitty's News Corner

Five pages of Lennie James (aka Robert Hawkins) photos.... =0): Link

Nice clip from AMC's The Prisoner, featuring Lennie Jame (aka Robert Hawkins) It premieres November 15th.: Link

Lennie James (aka Robert Hawkins) Premiere of AMC's remake of The Prisoner: Link

Interview with Richard Speight Jr (aka Deputy Bill). I watched the episode and he was great! =0): Link

Aasif Mandvi (aka Dr. Kenchy) to appear in It's Kind of a Funny Story" to begin shooting in NY next month.: Link

Emily Rose (aka Trish Merrick) appeared on Nov 6 episode of Ghost Whisper.: Link

Darby Stanchfield (aka April Green) made an appearance on CSI NY on November 4th. CSI: NY Delves Into Underground Sploshing Parties

Michael Gaston (aka Gray Anderson) to make an appearance on Damages.: Link

A review on Daniel Benzali's (aka Valente) debut album (2005). Nice voice, Amazon has it on sale.: Link

Addition from Jeanine123: Thought you'd like to know that Alicia Coppola (aka Mimi Clark) is going to be on Lie To Me on Fox next Monday, Nov. 9.

Post Apocalyptic News

New 2012 Trailer: Link 2012 premiers in theaters on November 13th.

TV version of Roland Emmerich's 2012 in the works. Another post-apocalyptic series! : ): Link

Post-apocalyptic living: a home in a shopping cart?: Link