Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You's

Myvibesmom for her continued work with regard to the graphs and charts on the numbers thread and for keeping UHD updated with the Front Porch thread.

NorsU for his work on promoting Jericho comic on Twitter.

Windsor Guy for his work on the voting thread on UHD.

All WIKI Rangers, including Sand Bagger for work on the WIKI Roll call.

Ichhtus and K6FEJ for their work on Jericho ARG Comlink1 thread.

Beebull for his continued promotion at local comic book stores and comic cons.

Steph for manning the Jericho Fan Table at the MileHiCon in Denver, CO. She reported that she was able to update rangers and sign up some fans for the Colorado mailing list.

JEBS, now celebrating our one year mark, would like to thank Ichthus, KrzyKitty and Mud62 for their continued contributions. Many thanks to our volunteer reposters: Analucia, AngelaRK, Bestdmshow, Jared, Jeanine123, Kedzucat, and Matthew. These volunteer are the ones that post these announcements on the Jericho forums!

If there is someone you think should be on this list, then please let us know about their efforts: