Monday, November 23, 2009

Operation Phoenix Update - 11/20/09

November 20, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers,

Today marks the one year Anniversary that we launched Operation Phoenix in conjunction with CBS putting Jericho on the CW for the full 29 Episode run.

The comic book is due out on November 25th which will continue the Jericho story in written form. I know it is not what most hoped for when launched this last year. The week prior to launching Phoenix a group of about 30 Rangers put together a plan to reach out to all major news papers, websites and community sights to get people to watch Jericho on line at, Joost and Youtube.

Without out the collective efforts and spirit of cooperation the Comic Book would not be coming out this week. Every Ranger out there should take stock in the fact that they did make a difference. Jericho continues to live because the Fans refused to allow CBS to kill off the show.

What lies ahead for Jericho, whether it is a theatrical movie or a miniseries, movie and/or full series on epix, has only been made possible because of the collective efforts of every fan. There are many different kinds of Fans and Fan Groups out there as there is in any facet of life, but for the most part we have been able to set aside our differences for the greater good.

I hope that this Wednesday is just the first step in many towards a greater fate for our beloved Jericho. I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard since March of 2008 to keep Jericho alive.

Gwen, K6, Myvibes, Denny, Ichtus, Windsorguy, Krzykity, Sand Bagger at Wiki, Jim, Lee, and Beebull, thanks for everything you have done to promote the comic, and keep the fires burning.