Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outside Jericho

Jericho Birthdays by Mud62
D. B. Sweeney (John Goetz) - 11/16
Ja me s Parks (Agent Hicks) - 11/16
Thom Williams (Burlyman) - 11/16
Frankie Martinez (Electrician) - 11/16
Roxanne Bruso (Texan Doctor) - 11/19
Natasha Leigh (Skylar's Friend) - 11/21

Kitty's News Corner & Reminders
Aasif Mandvi (Kenchy Dhuwalia) is also in the movie "It's Kind of a Funny Story" slated to be released in 2010 in selected cities.: Link

Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) gets a mention in an interview with Jim Caviezel about "The Prisoner".: Link
The Village Tour article (also has a Jericho comic mention): Link

Jon Turteltaub (Jericho Executive Producer) signs on to direct a film chronicling the birth of Greenpeace.: Link

For those watching ABC's Flash Forward, yes you heard "Jericho" in this past episode. Interesting... this Jericho is a private security hired by the US government ...: Link

Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green)will be on TV this November 18th and 25th on CSI NY!!: Link

DB Sweeney (John Goetz) is scheduled to be on Criminal Minds on November 25th...... =0): Link

Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) as prisoner 147 in the mini-series "The Prisoner" on AMC November 15th-17th.

Carol Barbee (Executive Producer) "Three Rivers" on Sundays on CBS

Bob Stephenson (Jimmy Taylor) is in "The Forgotten" Tuesdays on ABC

Jazz Raycole (Allison Hawkins) ... She was on "Eastwick" and ABC will not be continuing the show past the original 13 episodes.