Monday, March 15, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery

From Twitter:
Rebelyell13: check out a show called jericho, got it on dvd and cant stop watching it

michaellwentz: Wow! Very cool! Thanks for the heads up about the #Jericho comic!

zeigert: Just finished Jericho Season 2. A good, if not entirely fulfilling, end to an underrated series. I'll definitely be picking up S3 comics.

DuckRoast: Just finished watching the 2nd season on Jericho in one sitting. I must be nuts.

RichelleLilac: Watching disc two of Jericho. Love it, it's so exciting.!

Browncoat359: The series may be cancelled but the events of #Jericho seem more and more plausible,to me,each day under this administration. Pessimistic?

turkfox: I've been watching far too much Jericho, last night I dreamt Hawkins and me were escaping from lots of nucleur blasts!