Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lennie James (Robert Hawkins of Jericho) to star in "Tic" a new feature film!

"Tic" will hold its World Premiere on March 27th, 2010 at The Method Fest in Agoura Hills, CA (Los Angeles area) (tickets are available to the public). Although not confirmed, it is likely there will be appearances at the screening by cast members of "Tic".

The producers of "Tic" would love to have the support of Lennie James fans and Jericho fans at The Method Fest and on the websites they've set up about the film. Please help them spread the word!

You can find more info about "Tic" at these sites (including trailers, tickets to the screening, and more):

Official Site: Link

Festival (Premiere) Site: Link

Tickets to March 27th screening: Link

Tic the Movie on Facebook: Link

Tic the Movie on YouTube: Link

Thanks for your help!