Monday, March 15, 2010

Operation Phoenix/Comic Book Update

Hello Fellow Rangers,

I hope you are all enjoying Issue # 3 of the comic. The story is getting better and better. I love the shout out to our own Norsu in the comic, you will have to look for it.

As Gwen and I have been mentioning the past 18 months, we feel that the show may be heading towards the new Epix channel that is being carried on Verizon Fios, Cox and Charter Communications, which will start carrying it in April and May respectively and we know Direct TV will be announcing soon and possibly Time-Warner and Comcast.

We have discovered that someone from CBS went into the Jericho web page and removed all video content including pictures and actor bios very recently. This is after they have slowly and systematically removed Jericho Episodes from Joost, then Season 1 from, then NetFlix, then Youtube and now season 2 is gone. We believe it is being moved to Epix and therefore they had to deal with licensing/ownership of the episodes.

We have received several messages from Dan and DDP along with some things from the ARG including the count-down clock which points to April 4th.

We feel that something may be announced at Wondercon, which is fast approaching, it is being held in San Francisco the weekend of April 2-4. Gwen and several other Rangers will be there hosting a fan table. If any Rangers in the Bay area can make it, Sunday may be the day.

As we mentioned last year the best way to keep the Jericho Fandom moving until the movie or return of the show to another forum was to get people together at local events and comic/popculture conventions. We have 2 exciting events coming up in the San Francisco Bay area in May and Boston in June.

East Coast Ranger Gathering (ECRG)
Boston, MA (Doubletree Club Boston Bayside) June 11-13, 2010

May Day Picnic:
Join us at Arlington Park in El Cerrito on Saturday, May 1st for a BBQ. Come help us celebrate May Day! Note: If we get good news at WonderCon, we will turn this into a victory celebration.

Keep the Faith

Redsox 1986