Monday, March 29, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery

Submitted by Ichthus: from DirectorSloan at - Gerald McRaney Returns to Jericho, Sort Of.

From Twitter:
aman_2d: finally... i'm watching jericho season 2... yoooohoooo... i missed 'jake green'...

divisonbyzero: 'Jericho' has to be one of the best tv series in recent years to meet a premature end.

Jo6Pack2: Enjoying NorEaster- snuggled w/Jericho comic #3. Story revving up to WAR!

CharlesAckerman: No clean water or electric for two days. It's like Jericho up in here.

WordsWarrior: Laying wide awake watching the second season of Jericho unable to fall asleep due to you sure are a jerk

mosesjd: If I said that the aftermath of this storm reminds me of the show "Jericho" - I would be overly dramatic. Right

wayneh70: why do the best 'intelligent' dramas always seem to struggle with 'live' ratings (I'm looking at YOU Jericho!)