Monday, October 12, 2009

Help Wanted

We are looking for fans to attend these conventions and hand out promotional materials about Jericho: Boston, MA-October 24-25, 2009 Contact Redsox if you can volunteer for the above convention

We have confirmed fan tables at these conventions and we have rangers (person running the table) to run the table. Now all they need is someone to keep them company!

October 23-25, Mile Hi Con, Denver, CO, (Steph), $18-$22 for daily admission
November 13-15, TusCon, Tucson, AZ (Andrew), $15-$35 for daily admission
November 27-29, Los Con 36, Los Angeles, CA, (Ron), $20-$25 for daily admission
November 27-29, Orycon, Portland, OR (Margo), $25-$35 for for daily admission
February 26-28, ConDor, San Diego, CA (Vera), $25 for all three days via fan table
April 2-4, WonderCon San Francisco, CA (Gwen)
May 22, Spokane Comic Con, Spokane , CA (Kitty)

Please contact Gwen if you wish to help at one of the above fan tables:

Longstreet Pete is organizing a Jericho Panel for next year's Timegate Convention (May 28-30, 2010) in Atlanta, GA. Presenting panels is another more visible way to promote Jericho, so anyone who can help please contact Longstreet Pete at