Monday, October 12, 2009

Update from Redsox

October 7, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers,

October is here so what does that mean for Jericho?Laverne McKinnon was just hired by Epix to develop original scripted shows. She was at CBS up to 2006 when she left for family reasons but most importantly worked on the pilot of a little show called Jericho while at CBS.

Epix was originally scheduled to launch the first week of October but that time table has been pushed back to the end of October. Right now Epix has announced a carriage deal with Verizon Fios with several other deals reported to be forthcoming.

I think a key section from the article is: "A rep for Epix declined comment Tuesday, but McKinnon reportedly has already been working behind the scenes at the company, a joint venture of Viacom, Lionsgate and MGM". Until now most of the press information being released dealt with feature films and not original programming.

The producers at Junction just inked a new 2 year deal to develop original shows for CBS Television this despite Jericho being cancelled twice, Swingtown and Harper's Island being cancelled after one season.

Skeet Ulrich, Mr. Jake Green appears to still have some type of CBS contract in place some 18 months after the cancellation as he started tonight on his 3 episode run on CSI New York.

Our old friend, Nancy Tellem, current President of CBS Television is rumored to be considering moving to the business side of CBS Corp. From LA Times today: She has been talking to Moonves for the last several months about easing out of her current job in favor of a broader role that would allow her to become something of a troubleshooter for the company focusing on content and distribution challenges.

There seems to be a ARG type game ongoing with comlink which has a thread on the UHD Board and which on September 21, the Board along with it's countdown clock all the sudden became password protected.

The comic book is currently scheduled to come out at the end of October. Our DDP Liaison has stated to me several times that they have not confirmed October 28th as the official release date that too could be pushed back.

CBS is spending money on developing, producing and distributing the comic book, in the worse economy since the great Depression, including building a web page on the DDP site dedicated exclusively to the Jericho comic book.

All of these things taken separately look like they are isolated events, mutually exclusive of each other. But looking at what we have seen since last November when we launched Operation Phoenix and CBS put all 29 episodes on the CW, the evidence continues to mount that Jericho is destined to reappear as a movie or series. We still believe the evidence points towards Epix we hope as a TV movie then Season 4 taking off from where the comic leads off.

Beebull is going to attend the Baltimore Comic con this weekend, October 9 and 10. They are expecting over 10,000 people to attend the con and Beebull will be walking around spreading the news. This past weekend Ratkeeper, Jim4jericho and several others attended the Silicon Valley con which was small but afforded our rangers to spread the word and gain new recruits. We need to continue to attend these types of events, and get posters and post cards up everywhere and anywhere we can. I honestly think we are in the home stretch and that something good is finally coming our way.

Ichthus, who is a terrific Ranger, made a great point this morning, another key to driving interest in the comic is to get people to go to the DDP forum and get discussions going on what we think the storyline will look like. We need to remember that we all got involved because we liked Jericho. for the entertainment it provided us, and for many the community that developed around the show. Link

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