Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update from Redsox

October 27, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers:

This past week I have seen people's frustrations with the announced delay of the release of the comic. First and foremost this is not a delay, as no one at Devil's Due ever posted a firm release date. This came from sources at local comic shops or other sources but not from DDP. They have consistently communicated to us that the date was not set.

The fact is CBS has invested time and money in allowing the Jericho Comic book to be produced, marketed and distributed. This is a business, things happen in the production process in all businesses that sometimes cause delays in the release of a product or service. As a private business they are under no obligation to tell the public anything as to why things have been delayed.

Dan Shotz has posted on the Jericho Fan Forum at the DDP site and DDP itself has posted that the comic will come out on November 27, 2009. Ratkeeper and I received an email from Josh (president of DDP) and Cody (Jericho Comic Editor) last week that they want to work directly with the fans to promote the launch of the comic book.

Right now we need to put aside our feelings and look to work with the comic producers to make sure we maximize sales and our chances to get more Jericho. If people start to cancel their subscriptions or pre-orders over a small blip in the radar they may be jeopardizing the future of more Jericho on television or the big screen.

I understand that a few have complained that there is not a direct way to contact DDP and the help email on the website is not reliable. We have sent emails directly to Josh and Cody this weekend and asked them to fix this situation. We also asked them to see if they can send out an email to all those who pre-purchased the comic as a matter of curtesey to let them know about the delay.

We have worked our butts off to get to this point and now is not the time to lose our cool and think short-term. We have 31 days until the release of the comic and we need to continue to work together and remain United in our Goal to get Jericho on the big screen and back on the air hopefully at Epix.

Stay the Course