Monday, October 5, 2009

Outside Jericho

Cast and Crew News - Relationship to Jericho listed in bold font.

Jericho Birthdays for October 4-10 thanks to Mud62 for the list!
Matthew Taylor (Stunts) - 10/07
Todd Bryan (Stunts) - 10/08
Erin Daniels (Maggie) - 10/09
Reggie Lougue (Transportation) - 10/10

Carol Barbee (Executive Producer, Jericho) had two series on the fall schedule:
A Beautiful Life (CW) was canceled.
Three Rivers(CBS) premiers on Sunday, 10/4 at 9 p.m. Eastern: Link

From KrzyKitty's Spook News:
Lennie James' (Hawkins, Jericho) mini-series The Prisoner premiers on AMC on November 15th:

Lennie James (Hawkins, Jericho), guest stars as Dr. Timothy Maguire, a cardiologist on Three Rivers (CBS) on Sunday, October 18th: Link