Monday, October 5, 2009

Jericho Halloween Murder Mystery

California Ranger Event

It's been 13 months since the September attacks. Life in Jericho is rough and it has been hard to keep spirits up. The little news we receive says civil war is approaching. Major Beck, his men and the rangers have been fortifying the town. Sentry duty is a now a shared responsibility in which all able body citizens participate.

As another Halloween draws near, Gail Green has decided to host a Halloween Party at the Jericho Lodge. Everyone is excited to have a reason to celebrate and costume planning has become the talk of the town.

The day before the party, the town is stunned to find that Old Man Oliver has died a heinous death under the most bizarre circumstances. All sorts of odd clues are showing up and we really need Jake and Hawkins back to figure this out.

Come join us at the Jericho Lodge as we uncover the hints needed to solve the murder!

Date: Sunday,November 1st
Time: 1 p.m. -- 7 p.m.
Location: Jericho Lodge (San Francisco East Bay)
Dress: Costumes encouraged, but not required

This is not the typical murder mystery, in which you need to play a character. Instead you will be trying to aquire hint cards and you solve the mystery by collecting the hints.

Old Man Oliver led a very interesting life and his knowledge about survival and post-apocalyptic life was equal to Hawkins. Alas, Oliver was too phobic, about alien invasions, to help Jericho in it's time of need. As we delve into Oliver's past, you will learn a little of what he did and see how broad his knowledge base was. You in turn will take that knowledge and apply it to acquire the hint cards you will need to solve the mystery of Oliver's murder

Some of the hints and sub-plots will be sent out in advance, so please sign up for the special mailing list for the party. You can sign up by e-mailing and say you want to sign up for the Halloween party mailing list.