Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jericho Fans Ask For Your Help In Sending Some "Comic Relief" To Our Troops!

In October 2009, DDP Publishing will release the anxiously awaited "Jericho Season 3" Comic Book.

The "Comics For Troops" project site has been created to allow fans, and anyone wishing to send some love to our brave deployed men and women, the ability to pool their donations in order to send off copies of the comic to them. It is with our hope that by providing them with this bit of entertainment it brightens their time just a little while they serve our country overseas.

As the comic has a planned release date of October 2009, all donations made through that date will be pooled together and held in the JR4OT, Inc. paypal account and used to purchase the Jericho Comic Book in bulk on its release. The purchase will be made from a source that offers the best per issue price and from one that is measurable so the volume purchase will be noticed most.

Comic Books will be shipped direct to Staten Island Project Homefront in Staten Island, NY and will be included in care packages sent to the men and women deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Depending on the release date, our goal is to coincide with SIPH's packing date of October 20th and shipping date of October 29th. With a normal shipping time, the troops will have these in their hands by the first week of November.

Donations can be made in any amount by clicking the DONATE NOW button on the home page. Please contribute only what you can, include a note to accompany a Comic even if you can't contribute. Its the knowing that these men and women are in our thoughts that touch them deepest. Notes can be submitted through the "contact us" page of this site. As donations begin to come in a "total raised" section will be included on this site for you to follow.

If this effort helps our men and women serving let their minds leave where they are for even a short time, then we can all know we did a little something to improve their day and thank them for their sacrifices.

For more information and to donate, please visit