Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Operation Comic Book

August 14, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers,

Hope you are all enjoying the summer. Before you know it summer will be gone and Fall will arrive. The Jericho Comic Book titled Season 3 will release 6 comic books in the series starting in late October.

I just wanted to provide an update for the Fandom. I was watching the movie Gandhi last weekend. It starts with Gandhi arriving back to India in 1915 and we follow him and the struggle for 32 years until the British walked out of India in 1947 as Gandhi had predicted to the Royal Governor some 25 years prior to 1947.

Why I mention Gandhi is it had several parallels to our fight for Jericho. First and foremost is that similar to the India's fight against the British Empire we have been battling for a long time against a very powerful foe, CBS Television. The Indians won because they stayed the course and hurt the British where it counted most, in the pocket book. Losing access to 300 million customers for everything from clothing to tea to home goods, drained the British economy and eventually the decision to leave was their only option.

We are going to do the same thing in reverse. We already know via the producers' statements at Comic Con, in San Diego, on July 24th that they were very pleased with the ratings on the CW for the 29 episode rerun. Now we need to deliver sales of the comic beyond that magic number they need to justify green-lighting the movie. We want to drive sales, add new rangers and deliver cards and letters to CBS and DDP come October leaving no doubt that there is still plenty of money to be made continuing the Jericho story.

Ratkeeper was at comic con and she says that the producers and the person form CBS were extremely happy with the turnout. In addition, please note that the comic book has been titled Season 3 which leads to the logical assumption that there may be a Season 4, we do not know if it will be a movie or maybe more.

To that end we will get the movie and possibly another season of Jericho on television only if we deliver sales of the comic series that meet or exceed the sales goals set forth by the bean counters and executives at CBS. We have a real shot and we want to maximize our chances by being as proactive as possible.

Operation Comic Book-on UHD Board: Link
The main way to deliver sales and to build interest is to purchase and/or pre-order the comic book form your local comic book store. You can locate your local comic shop at www.comicshoplocator.com.

This is important because it helps us continue to build the Jericho grass roots efforts and also drives DDP and CBS to make and distribute more issues if they see demand coming from comic shops all over the US and Canada.

Another way to help is to work with Jericho Rangers for Our Troops (JR4OT) and Jericho 4 Kids is once again working to promote Jericho and help our troops over seas. For those who want to contribute to that effort please visit www.comicsfortroops.com.

You can also go to www.savingjericho.com which is the new informational website designed to help new fans and old to locate the various fan communities and to what they can do to promote Jericho and help with the comic book.

Building the Jericho fanbase from the ground up starts at places like UHD Baord, IDMB, JKI, Jericho Rally Point and Radio Free Jericho. Maybei and the Folks at www.radiofreejericho.com have been promoting Jericho for almost 3 years with things like podcasts, interviews and having a very active fan group that have continued to stay together some 16 months after the 2nd temporary cancellation. Finding ways to keep people interested without spending a lot of money is a key element to continuing to build our fanbase.
Soon we will be sending out a blast email to Rangers via email, Facebook, on Twitter and through other social networks all letting them know about Operation Comic Book and how they can help. Thanks to Denny Wilson and Ichthus.

Advertising: Beebull has been very proactive and has had several discussions with local shop owners in Baltimore. They state that making postcard size advertising and leaving them around the shops to be picked up is the best approach and we are working on securing a site where people can go and down load Jericho Comic book postcard art work to leave at their local shops.
For those who might be interested in helping out at local conventions please check out www.conventionscene.com/schedules/comicbookconventions/. We are looking to secure Fan tables at various comic cons and scifi conventions and once we do, we will be looking for volunteers to work the tables.

We have all traveled a long road together, and whatever we can do over the next couple months will collectively bring us over the finish line. Everyone has a part to play great or small, we need your talents, energy and spirit. Together we will make History Again!

Stay the Course and Keep the Faith
Redsox 1986