Sunday, August 23, 2009

Outside Jericho

Cast and Crew News - Relationship to Jericho listed in bold font.

Jericho Birthdays for August 23-29 - thanks to Mud62 for the list!
Fred Tator (Sound Re-recorder Mixer) - 08/25
Devon Read (Military Police Guard) - 08/29

From Krzy Kitty: Brit Celeb Radio: Jericho's Lennie James (Hawkins) on "Brit Celeb Radio": Listen to the August 13th show (link in 2nd paragraph of blog): Link

From Schumi's Twitter Stream: RT @TV_News_Update: The Prisoner - Spoilers
(Note: Lennie James (Hawkins) plays prisoner 147 in The Prisoner, and the article has a link to the video of the Comic Con panel.)

From Schumi's Twitter Stream: RT @ 14zombies: Watching episode 4 of Warehouse 13, just realized that "Unionville" is the same town as "Jericho" from #Jericho.

Post Apocalyptic News

Snowblind - a post-apocalyptic spagetti western. Watch the trailer here: Link