Monday, August 31, 2009

Place Your Pre-Orders for the Jericho Comic

As our DDP contact, Beebull, Ichthus and Denny have said the pre-orders will have a huge affect on sales, so please contact you local comic shop and pre-order ASAP

If pre-ordering now is a hardship, then there are other ways to get the first issue. Each store will order some of the comics to stock their shelves. (The pre-orders determine how many they will buy for stock.) There are some companies that will do mail orders. These are all first come first serve options.

Will there be enough issues for everyone? NO! Comics don't get restocked like books or DVDs. If you want to buy an issue at a reasonable price, then your best bet is to pre-order ASAP!
When the issue sells out, then you will see copies sold on E-Bay and Amazon stores and you will have to pay a premium price to get an issue.

Everyone who can please pre-order now, so that very few Jericho fans will have to pay those premium prices!!!