Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Operation Comic Book

August 2, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers:

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. We will be launching Operation Comic Book on August 3, 2009.

I know I have said this in the past, but we have a real chance hear to get the movie made and possibly a third season if we can deliver sales of the comic book. Gwen aka Ratkeeper and her team (Gkkatz, Windrebel, Franfan1 and Hollyhobbits) did a unbelievable job at Comic con in San Diego last week. Dan and Karim were very pleased and if things were stuck in neutral before Comic Con; they are moving forward at full speed now.

The Jericho panel had 5 writers/producers and Lennie James and had over 300 people attend. The Jericho Fan Table was the site of a lot of visitors, several taking pictures of the booth including the lady from CBS who accompanied the Junction team to Comic Con. Our fan efforts impressed everyone. We now have a contact at DDP who will be coordinating with us. This is a major step forward and why we stand here today with a real chance to win this thing.

Operation Comic Book:

Purchase the Jericho Comic Book:
  1. We are asking people to purchase comic books from their local comic book stores. Just call up your local shop and ask them to pre-order the Jericho comic. They will take down your information and call you once it comes in. Once the comic book is out K6 is designing a comment card which you can download and send back to Devils Due, it will provide the name and location of the comic store and some information about you and what you thought.
    Comic book store locator by city/town: Link
    Comic book Store locator by state: Link
  2. Comic Book for the Troops, Mike's Mom, Scoobud, Kay T and kids will be working on the Comic Book for the Troops campaign where people can purchase comic books in bulk to send to the troops via Operation Homefront, which is similar to the DVD for the Troops Program from 2 years ago.

Promote the Jericho comic book:

We are looking for ways to promote the comic book without asking Rangers to spend a lot of money. The economy is very bad and people have real world issues they are dealing with and so we are looking for ways to get the word out at little or no cost.

  1. We will be putting together a release which will be sent out via email in a blast over multiple forums several times in, once in mid September and again in early October just prior to the release date. The email will have all pertinent information regarding the comic book and how to purchase the books and also where to download the comment cards.
  2. New information website: www.savingjericho.com This website, which was on the business cards handed out at Comic Con, has links to the Jericho Community and is intended as an central information portal for new and old Rangers. We will be placing this site on the business cards handed out at future conventions and on flyers.
  3. Local Comic Cons we need rangers to volunteer, we already have several for Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta.
    List of Comic Book Cons and Shows: Link
    Either you can look to get a fan table like Gwen did or you can attend and give out business cards and flyers (with website info and comic release info on them). Please contact Ratkeeper or Redsox via the UHD Board or e-mail. Facebook rangers can contact Dawn on her facebook group: Link
    We will be asking Rangers to help design post cards and flyers that can be downloaded from the website. We are looking for people to start posting the flyers in comic book stores, community boards in libraries, at universities and at local grocery stores.
  4. We will be promoting the comic book on Face Book, Myspace and Twitter and have several people who will be working to update those sites prior to and after the release of the comic book.
  5. For those who can afford to purchase more than one copy we are looking to see if you can leave copies at the local comic book store, local library or your doctors/dentist office, anywhere people congregate and tend to read.

Stay the Course and we will finally get the movie if not more.