Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outside Jericho

Cast and Crew News

From KrzyKitty: "Collector", Season 2 with Chris Kramer (Chavez) will be available on October 13th: Link
Pre-order now!

From Schumi's Twitter stream: TCA Press tour - Human Target, Jon Steinberg (creator), brings the action hero to TV: Link

From Karim Zreik's Twitter Account: "Harper's Island", from Junction Entertainment, premiers on the BBC on September 6th. Flying back to Vancouver on Sunday with Adam Campbell (Cal) to finish "Harper's Island" special for the BBC. Re-visiting all the locations.

Apocalyptic News

AMC joins the Post-apocalyptic Bandwagon with the zombie post-apocalyptic grapic novel series "The Walking Dead": Link

Little Red Riding Hood in a post-apocalyptic adventure: Link
At the end of the article is the link to download the game - it's a fun game!!

A post-apocalyptic novel, Eschatos, on a blog: www.eschatosbook.blogspot.com