Sunday, August 23, 2009

Operation Comic Book Update - DDP/CBS Liaison

August 21, 2009

Hello Fellow Rangers:

These are Exciting times. I had the chance to speak with the DDP/CBS Liaison yesterday at length and they are committed to working with us. Why do I continue to think things are still moving forward? The main reason is if DDP and CBS are willing to put money into the Liaison and an advertising budget, then the movie and potentially something better is still very much in play. CBS or any other Network is not going to spend money on a twice canceled dead show, especially in this economy, unless there is some type of return for them.

First, I want to Thank Ichthus and Denny Wilson for their really well written Comic Book marketing email which is being sent to email addresses and social groups across the Jericho Fandom. I shared this with the contact from DDP/CBS and they were quit literally blown away. They were so impressed with how it was written and its'content. This is a quote from our contact: "The note about how it's key to get the single issues before the trade is spot on, as the initial sales of the single issues will really dictate how the series will continue." Brian and Denny on behalf of all the Rangers Thank You!

Second, I want to thank Schumi for all her work and contribution on Twitter and her continued efforts to help promote the comic book. Not only does she bring her experience as one of the leaders from the First Nuts Campaign and why we got a season 2, but she has also brought her technical expertise on Twitter and is willing to try and help people. We all appreciate Schumi's contribution to the Campaign.

With regard to our contact I had the chance to discuss the following:

DDP website: I asked the contact to look at the website because several rangers have encountered problems with a virus. They are working on this issue now and believe it may be caused by hackers from Eastern Europe.

Release Date: I asked our contact to get us a firm release date. He stated that he will get that date as we get closer to October.

Comic Books for the Troops: I have asked for help from Devils Due on getting reduced cost issues and to work with the Rangers at JR4OT on this program.

Advertising: I discussed our plan to create a Jericho Fan Brand with regard to posters, cards etc. He liked the idea of working together and having consistent items that will help market the comic book.

Our own K6, has done terrific work on some of the comic covers. He has created a comment card. The card will be able to be down loaded and sent back by regular mail or by email to DDP and CBS. The purpose is to provide feedback on the comic, provide demographic information for CBS (think movie) and store location and demographics for DDP. Thanks to Ichthus for this idea!

We will be putting together a similar 8 ½ by 11 poster and a post card size version of the same art work. All will be branded with a symbol we come up with. We will then load the advertising on a website we found that you can download and print.

Bee Bull has done a lot of leg work and leaving post card sized advertising at the local comic shops is the most effective way to promote it with comic book people. In addition to leaving these around we are looking for people to download the posters and post them at Community Bulletin Boards that are located in supermarkets, book stores and libraries as part of the comic book campaign.

Other thoughts: I suggested that he ask CBS to put some advertising in the USA Today as this is a newspaper many people read and the Sunday section is part of numerous major newspapers around the country.

I am looking for addition ideas and comments please respond to or on the Operation Comic Book Thread on the UHD Board

Comic Con/Sci Fi Cons:

Our contact is going to try and get us free fan tables and I asked for him to prioritize the following comic cons:

East Coast & Mid America Cons:

Raleigh, NC-August 30, 2009
Philadelphia, PA-September 13, 2009
Miami-October 2-4, 2009
Columbus, OH (Mid America)-October 3-4, 2009
Baltimore, MD-October 10-11, 2009
New York, NY-October 16-18, 2009
Boston, MA-October 24-25, 2009
Toronto, OT--November 22, 2009
Orlando, FL March 12-14, 2010
Overland Park, KS March 27-28, 2010

Western Cons: Already have fan tables and we need rangers to volunteer to help (name of person running the table):
October 2-4, Silicon, San Jose, CA (Ratkeeper)
October 23-25, Mile Hi Con, Denver, CO
November 27-29, Los Con 36, Los Angeles, CA - (Franfan1)
November 27-29, Orycon, Portland, OR
May 22, 2010, Spokane Comic Con, Spokane, WA - (Krzy Kitty)
July 22-25, 2010, Comic Con International, San Diego, CA - (Ratkeeper)

Please contact Redsox for East Coast/ Mid America Cons and Gwen for cons in the Western states